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Alpha Arbutin - An Advanced skin lightening Active

by Rashi Bahel Mehra |

Actives are new ingredient heroes which are revolutionising the whole skin care game and taking skin care to the next level. Active ingredients are incorporated in a product to target specific problems, for which they are known and made to treat. One of such Active ingredients is Alpha Arbutin, which is one of the World’s most popular Actives to effectively reduce pigmentation.

Alpha Arbutin is an advanced skin lightening Active, when added in formula makes one of the best & most effective formulas of all. Its ability to inhibit melanin production in the body makes it special Active among others. 

In this blog get to know all about our world renowned Active - Alpha Arbutin. 

What is Alpha Arbutin?

Arbutin is a naturally occurring chemical found in a variety of plants, including bearberry, mulberry, and pomegranate. Alpha Arbutin is the chemically synthesised version of this plant extract. It is a derivative of hydroquinone, which is one of the most effective and safe skin-lightening and spot-fading Active. It is a more stable and effective version of arbutin. It not only treats existing pigmentation but also prevents UV-induced pigmentation. Ensuring lighter & an even skin tone.

What does it do to your skin?

Arbutin reduces pigmentation by stopping any extra melanin production by blocking the production of tyrosinase (an enzyme responsible for melanin production). 

As it helps to block the production of tyrosinase, it not only treats existing pigmentation but also offers your skin some sun protection.It rescues you from acne scars, corrects discoloration without causing any irritation and provides even skin tone without any harsh effect. 

It’s impossible to escape sun exposure and we all get caught by sun spots or tan in some way - which seems like a job to Alpha Arbutin. 

Apart from skin lightening & brightening properties, Its one of the top most abilities is to fade sunspots and target discoloration.

It is also known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which protect cells against the effects of free radicals and reduce post-inflammatory pigmentation. It is much gentler on the skin since it slowly releases its active component, Hydroquinone, and therefore can be used for sensitive skin.

Product having Alpha Arbutin

Our World’s first Lip Wash constitutes an aqua based lip cleansing formula. Lightening & hydrating Lip Wash for women incorporates the most effective & safest skin lightening Active Alpha Arbutin to target lip pigmentation. It is scientifically proven to give effective results and dermatologically tested to be non irritant & completely lip safe to even the most sensitive of skins.


With the contemporary wave of Active ingredients in skin care products, contemplating ingredients can feel like a chemistry lesson. Leaving you with questions more than answers. But looking for specific skin solutions can make it easy for you to understand Actives. As Actives are doing the major problem solving work.

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