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Lip Care: Everything you need to know from regimen to routine

by Rashi Bahel Mehra |

Lip care is a sensitive but vast horizon. The broader it gets, the more confusing it becomes! Trying and testing new lip balms or products, getting expensive treatments done, and even after doing everything right sometimes it does not work out for you. Ever wondered why? Let us guess, maybe you don’t follow a Lip care regimen!


A regimen is a set of steps to reach the desired goal!

You get up in the morning, Brush your teeth, Take a shower, eat breakfast, Go to the gym, to the office or college, come back home, go out with friends, sleep and repeat- We follow a pattern even in the simplest and tiniest bits of our lives. We maintain a regimen for our skin, body, workouts, etc, but what about our lips?

Using one product after the other, to ensure your lips have a set of daily rituals to follow can make a huge difference in your lip-pampering journey rather than just coating your lips with a lip cream every once in a while! 

The key is to be specific and know what is the point of concern to initiate the regimen!

Identify Your Lip Concern:

The first and foremost key here is to recognize your lip care troubles! Are your lips Parched? Flaky? Dry? Do they have pigmentation or hyperpigmentation? Are they genetically dark? Do you have an idea about your level of lip pigmentation? 

different kinds of pigmented lips

“Caring” Instead of “Covering” Lips:

It’s like applying more and more foundation onto acne-prone and scarred skin with a desire that they will get better on their own!

When you cover dark, dry, and dull lips, you are not just hiding or veiling them But, You are double harming the damaged lip structure! 

Spreading lipstick on an unhealthy lip just with the intention of concealing them can wound them and make their condition even worse!

 As you apply more and more layers, the skin of your lips will not get time to cure!

Instead of burying them under layers of lip cosmetics, start taking care of them and build up your regimen according to your lip necessities!

Importance of lip care for men :

Gone are the days when skin or lip care was only meant for women or considered a feminine thing to do! Men’s Lips require pampering too! 

Caring is gender-neutral! Going through a tough schedule, working every day, and not taking care of yourself or your lips can surely make your lips miss out on a lot, making their condition much more alarming, dry, chapped, and pigmented!

Look out for personalized men’s lip care products that include ingredients that are meant for men’s lip structure and contain actives like Ferulic Acid and PHA Lactobionic Acid which are good at lightening lip pigmentation and combating lip concerns!

difference between women and men's lips

Similar goes with women’s lips- the products need to be used keeping in mind that the skin forms of both men and women are distinct!

How to treat Smoker’s Lips or Melanosis?

Smoking is a tough habit to quit and tougher is to undo the damage it has done not only to your lungs but to your lips too! 

Nicotine and Tar make the skin of your lips damaged, dull, and dim and additionally causes lip wrinkles as you hold the cigarette in your mouth!

You can cure your lips and make them velvety, plump, smooth, and pigmentation free, all you have to do is :


  • Drink loads of Water- The more you get hydrated the more you will feel good and the toxins will get flushed out from your body much faster!


  • Follow the regimen- It is extremely necessary to cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate those lips as smoking would have caused wrinkles and patches on them! They must have been discolored and severely dry. You can try ALANNA'S LIP PIGMENTATION REDUCTION KIT! It has helped in reducing hyperpigmentation and taking care of smokers’ lips!


  • Stop Smoking - Even if you start taking care of your lips but smoke simultaneously, it would be of no good! Have a healthy and balanced diet along with your regimen! Exercise and keep yourself from the urge to smoke again!


Bob the Builder - Building Lip Care Regimen! 

  • Identify your lip care concern and start looking for effective products.
  • Check if it contains organic, cruelty-free, and active ingredients.
  • Call them home and make up an AM/PM Routine.
  • Make the necessary changes in your food, drinking habits, and lifestyle!
  • You are good to go!

  • The basic steps of a lip care routine:

  • Cleansing
  • Exfoliation
  • Moisturization
  • Healing or Treating 


     Imagine directly using a lip cream on an unclean chapped lip. It would be equivalent to applying a moisturizer without washing your face after you’ve come home and encountered polluted air! 

    It is vital to clean your lips, make them hydrated, and fresh, and ensure their base or lip foundation is clear!

    lip cleansing using foam based solution


    Just like dead cells build up on our skin, they do on our lips and skin as well! It is essential to even out the dead lip cells and make the lip base plump and soft! You must exfoliate your lips with a mild lip scrub to ensure barrier damage does not take place, as lip skin stands far more thinner and sensitive than the rest of our skin.

    woman applying lip scrub


    It is vital to lock the moisture in lips and make them hydrated and nourished. Moisturizing Lips with a lip balm or a lip moisturizing cream ensures they are not chapped and crispy!

    women using lip moisturiserHealing or Treating 

    Be it using an overnight lip cream or balm to help you naturally plump your lips without fillers or antidotes or using a daytime lip mask! This is the most important step to healing lip concerns. Applying Lip serums can also do wonders depending upon the needs of the lip. Do not skip this step! Your Lips need to be healed from within and what good anything else is than healing lips as you sleep, letting the product do its charm? 

    women using a spatula to apply buttermask

    Look for ingredients like Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Olive Squalane, Vegan waxes, that penetrate deeper into the lip skin, organic and cruelty-free actives, and fragrance-free products for moisturizing as well as treating lips! 


    Why is it essential to build a Lip Care Regimen? 


    • Results get achieved sooner 

    When you are consistent and you follow an ordered set of phases to take care of your lips then your lips get healthier, heal faster, get pigmentation free, and naturally pink! The time required otherwise would be much longer!


    • One product helps the other product

    Cleanser sets the base for exfoliation, exfoliation makes lips chapped-free and smooth for Lip balm or ButterMask application hence following a set of products ensures each product’s efficacy is maximized and you get the utmost advantage of them!


    • Effective and visible natural lip glow 

    Following a routine increases the effectiveness and efficiency of the products! Your efforts get fruitful results and you get to see that beautiful lip glow naturally from within!


    Moreover, Because You and Your Lips Deserve it!

    What will happen if you do not follow a lip care routine?

    Skipping a step, be it cleansing lips or treating them and applying a single or just a lip balm thinking all your lip concerns will get sorted is an illusion! Every single step has a relevance of its own and has to be followed to get glowing, naturally beautiful, and unpigmented lips. 


    If you skip cleansing your lips and directly apply a lip balm the dirt particles will get absorbed causing more damage than good! The same goes for lip exfoliation! If you do not scrub away the dead lip cells, the balm would be applied on an uneven lip base! 


    The lipstick or lip tint too needs a smooth base for application and can only be achieved if you follow a set of steps! 


    Moreover, the results won’t be as efficient and would get accomplished much later if you do not follow a regimen! 


    The results won’t last long too! Inconsistency will step back in and ruin whatever half-hearted efforts have been put in! 


    What to do along with following a lip care routine? 

    Does exercise alone make you achieve your fitness goals? No right! You have to take a proper diet along with it and Have a stress-free mind! Similar goes with lip pampering! Lip care is a journey and not a stop along the station! There is no such thing as permanent pink lips as they’ll be wholly dependent on your disciplined regime! 




    We often undermine our lips and more than often underestimate their needs!

    Just as a face wash is to your face, a lip wash is to your lips, and so on! 

    It is essential to identify your lip need and pigmentation level.

    Start taking care of them instead of hiding them, build up a lip care regimen, eat right, make the necessary lifestyle changes, and follow it consistently with patience and trust to get effective results and the most out of your lip care essentials! You can consult our lip care specialists for more detailed and personalized advice!


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