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Complete Guide to Get Pink Lips Naturally - Routine, Tips & Tricks

by Rashi Bahel Mehra |

Everyone is indeed born with unique features and complexions. One must embrace their imperfections and work on making themselves healthier rather than just prettier!

Dry, Dark, and Lifeless lips are a major concern for many people out there, and today we’ll learn how to uproot this problem naturally without lip injections, and fillers to soak the seeds of lip health!

Wait, it cannot just be attained by using pink lip cream or eating raspberry or mango ice cream. The first and foremost step is to understand the root causes of dark and dull lips.


What’s keeping you from attaining pink lips? 

  • YOU- Yes, my friend! It might sound astounding but several times when we lick, bite, suck or pick our lips, they tend to lose their original structure and saliva being the worst lip enemy makes lips even drier! 
  • Smoking- Nicotine and Tobacco are not a friend of your lips- Smoker’s Melanosis is a major problem seen among the masses due to chain smoking or smoking frequently.
  • Drinking Extremely Hot Beverages -The heat can cause lips to get chapped and dry.
  • Not applying an SPF before going out in the sun can cause hyperpigmentation, sun mustache, and dry and worn-off lips fall victim to sun damage.
  • Consuming high amounts of salted food items with high concentrations of salt regularly can also cause harm to your lips. 
  • Pregnancy comes with a lot of body changes and challenges.
  • Lack of Hydration and Proper Nutrition.
  • Having a medical problem like Adisson’s disease or deficiencies of certain Vitamins or Minerals like Zinc can also change the color of lips.
  • Applying expired or unsuitable lip care products or getting a lip allergy can make lips dull and dark!
A girl applying lip care product

So what can you do to undo the damage or prevent your lips from getting dull?


Avoid these to achieve pink lips

You may be doing everything right from applying the best lip balm for pink lips to getting the top-notch lip treatment done but if you aren’t keeping yourself updated with the “don’ts” then you are missing out on the true results of the lip care products!

You must :

  • Avoid using any harsh chemicals on your lips.
  • Avoid ingredients like Camphor, Eucalyptus, and Lanolin which make lips dry and flaky.
  • Avoid fragrance-based and artificial-flavored products.
  • Avoid using expired Lip balms and masks.
  • Avoid being inconsistent with your lip care routine.


Product Recommendation - Ways to beat dark lips

Home remedies can be a lot of effort plus the results achieved by them are visible over a long time and they aren’t really lab proven or full-proof! Lip Pigmentation treatments and Lip injections on the other hand can be heavy on pockets and there is a heavier chance of mishaps plus they can alter the lip structure.

We have a science-backed, effective organic, sustainable, cruelty-free, tried and tested option available for you! You can try Lip Pigmentation Reduction Complete Kit! that made 40,000+ lips healthy and happy! Made with natural ingredients but contains actives that boost those natural ingredients!

Available for both men’s lips and women’s, keeping in mind their lip needs. It would make you follow a proper and consistent regimen and make your lips bid adieu to lip pigmentation, lip aging, dark, dull, and chapped lips, and welcome soft, supple, pink lips! 


Proven actives that give you soft, pink, and plump lips:

  • Alpha Arbutin and PHA Lactobionic Acid
  • The skin-lightening agents which are proven to be effective in removing lip pigmentation providing pink and naturally beautiful lips.

  • Ferulic Acid
  • The sun damage and dark spot removal star! Helps in combating damaged and dull lips!

  • Pracaxi Seed Oil
  • This amazonian anti-aging active has skin-restoring properties! Helps in healing and improving lip texture!

  • Palmitoyl Tripeptide-38
  • It boosts lip collagen and helps in making lips young, supple, and remoulds lip skin.

    Try to incorporate products that contain these active ingredients.


    What kind of food  help you get pink lips along with a proper lip  care regime?

    Lip's love language is FOOD

    You are what you eat they say, And it’s completely true. 

    Certain foods can help in the Lip care journey and act as a boost to your Lip care regimen, helping the Lip care products show their actual results by giving them a push. 

    Vitamins and Minerals are the most vital nutrients that act as Lip Care Food.

    You can include them in your daily diet and start being consistent with proper nutrition for effective results.

    Foods to cure dark lips

    Vitamin A for Healthy Lips 

    Foods rich in Vitamin A: EGGS, MILK, CARROTS, SPINACH, and APRICOTS

    Helps skin and lips to repair damage & retain moisture.

    Vitamin C for Lightening 


    Boosts Collagen, and Repairs Sun damage

     Vitamin E 


    Acts as an antioxidant

     Zinc is one such mineral required for locking the moisture 

    Foods rich in Zinc: OYSTERS, BEEF, CRAB, LOBSTER, YOGURT

    These edibles are rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals which can make lips pink, plump, soft, and luscious!

    After all, it all starts from within!


    Is Pink Lip = A Healthy Lip?

    As such, there is no connection between a pink lip being healthy but an unpigmented, smooth, hydrated, and non-flaky lip free from dullness is considered healthy and happy! 

    When you take care of your Lips, apply lip care products, and keep them hydrated they do get pinker and plumper, Plus their natural texture gets revived! 


    FAQs About Pink Lips

    Why the sudden change in lip colour?

    A sudden change might be because of a lot of reasons- 

    Any medical or health-related issues, allergic reactions to clothes, new products, food items, etc. The stratum corneum is a very thin waterproof layer of the lips.

    Dry & Dull Lips

    When there’s any allergy they suddenly get pinker or paler accordingly and sudden changes get visible due to the layer being thin. 


    Is permanent pink lip a thing?

    Lip care is a journey, not a destination so permanent results can only be attained once you are persistent and consistent with your lip care routine. If you take care of your lips daily, cleanse, exfoliate and pamper them then surely you can get permanent pink lips but only as long as you are working for it, eating right, and having the right space of mind!

    You can get lip treatments done you must always consult a dermatologist for it if you have a keen interest to get fillers! Then too! the results would be for a duration of time and you’ll have to keep getting them done in sittings!

    A girl getting lip fillers

    Ideally, you should follow a lip care regimen! Have a set of products that you swear by and use them religiously to get consistent results!


    Importance of a Healthy Lifestyle in treating dark lips

    Ate right, Used the right amount of products, and Followed a proper lip care regime but if you have an unhealthy lifestyle, You get stressed and tensed daily then my dear your hard work is as good as no work!

    Stress triggers health care concerns and if you are not healthy your lips won't be healthy too! Domino Effect! 

    Your mind must be relaxed and free while you work on yourself! Believe that everything will fall into its place when you are applying your efforts!  



    Golden advice - Follow a Proper Lip Care Regime 

    What is the difference between a person who uses one lip care product  frequently changes it over time and a person who follows a set of products in a regime frequently? - Desired Results get attained by the latter!

    Start with a blank canvas, Cleanse, Exfoliate and Remove all the dead lip cells. Make the Lip base smooth and clear! Apply a Lip Balm or a Lip ButterMask, follow it up with a Night Lip ButterMask and your Lips are good to go! 

    So what did we learn? - Conclusion 

    The key to achieving pink lips is not just using a permanent lip balm or pink lip cream but following a lip care regimen, eating right, and taking care of yourself physically and mentally.

    Fuller pink lips are not a destination that you can reach but instead a journey where you constantly bear the fruits of your lip care with patience and above all consistency!

    Even though having pink lips sounds like all your lip care problems will come to an end, having healthy unpigmented and naturally beautiful lips should be your goal so that you walk towards an attainable and healthy lifestyle! 

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