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Why do you need a Lip Wash in your regimen?

by Rashi Bahel Mehra |

While today we have no dearth of products available to exfoliate, hydrate & moisturise lips, we are missing out on a very basic and crucial step of lip care regimen - Cleansing.

Cleansing is the cornerstone of any great lip care regimen to successfully get effective results. Keeping in mind the wholesome need of your lips ALANNA has launched World’s first LIP WASH™.

Why do you need a lip wash?

Fills Void of lip cleansing 

Your lips go through a lot in a day. Still, they are smiling with all the build-up you have been putting on without cleaning them once. The food you ate in the morning is still stuck in your lip lines when you sip another round of coffee. Invisible Dirt & pollution grimes are still sitting on your lips when you gulp a glass of water. Yet, in the end, in the name of cleansing, all your lips get is a splash of water or nothing at all.

When a thick layer of remnants accumulates on your lips and remains throughout the day, the possibilities of germs and other impurities entering the mouth are significantly increased. 

Lip wash is an easy & effective solution to clean your lips daily!

Completes lip Pigmentation regimen

Lip pigmentation is a result of various factors such as excessive sun exposure, excess caffeine intake, regular lip licking & biting, smoking, excessive dryness, cosmetic reaction etc. Whatever may be the cause, the solution lies in following a complete regimen that cleanses, exfoliates & hydrates your lip skin.

Lip Wash incorporates well researched rinse off actives - Alpha Arbutin & PHA Lactobionic Acid. To not only objectively reduce pigmentation but also boost post-wash hydration, combating a major factor of pigmentation - dryness.

Boosts lip hydration

Habit of constantly licking lips starts with the need of extra external hydration as lip skin does not produce sebum and can easily get dry. 

To provide that extra boost of hydration, Lip wash is formulated with multi-functional Active PHA Lactobionic Acid & hydration specialist Pro-vitamin B3(D-panthenol) to boost adequate internal hydration.         

Eases lipstick removing struggle

How do you remove those waterproof, long lasting  lipsticks? - with home remedies - coconut oil, baby oil, petroleum jelly, lukewarm water or makeup removers?

Friction due to Scrubbing & rubbing home remedies can only make your lips feel uncomfortable & dry. Makeup remover only breaks down Lipstick particles without really cleaning your lips while remnants still stay stuck in lip lines & lip corners. Makeup Cleansers disrupt the protective layer of skin & strips natural oil off the skin, leaving your lips dry & chapped. 

Lip wash not only breaks down lipstick sediments with a smooth glide of thick & silky foam via soft silicone bristles. But also thoroughly cleanses lip skin, with lip safe organic surfactants, Leaving your lips fresh & hydrated with PHA Lactobionic Acid & D-panthenol. 

Maintain lip hygiene 

Wearing a mask for a long time can create a breeding ground for a host of  bacterias. Warm & trapped moisture from your breath and saliva locked under a mask for a long time can lead to major dryness of lips & sweating can disturb ph level.

Lip Wash takes care of your lip hygiene by gently cleansing skin irritants from your lips with most gentle, lip safe organic surfactants. Mild yet effective thick & silky foam solution smoothly glides over your lip. It not only cleanses but also gives you a fresh splash of hydration with non-irritating, multi-functional Active - PHA Lactobionic Acid & hydration specialist D-panthenol.

Additional lip tool 

Lip Wash comes with an Additional tool - Elliptical shaped double sided ‘a Premium Silicone Lip Brush’. It eases the process of cleansing  by reaching out difficult lip corners & exfoliating lip skin. Lip brush can also be used as an applicator of your favourite lip scrub, making lip scrub a hassle free & easy experience. It stimulates blood circulation, leaving your lips pink & plump.


Lips are one of the most sensitive parts of your body. More the sensitivity, high degree of care it needs. But we generally end up undermining the amount of care it takes. Ignoring a cause is breeding a problem. Ignoring your lip cleansing breeds problems like lip dryness & pigmentation. Instead of finding the root cause of  lip problems we try to hide them behind makeup or tint, that aggravates the problem further.

So don’t hide or wipe, just use Lip Wash™!


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