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Ferulic Acid for Skin : Benefits, Uses and Side Effects

by Rashi Bahel Mehra |

The introduction of acids and active-based products has changed the skincare world drastically over the years. These Actives are not only restricted to skincare but are also a hot topic in the Lip care world, and for a good reason. But with all the Active ingredients out there and new ones popping up every day, it can be hard to track which ones are worth your time. So, let us break down why Ferulic Acid should be your next obsession—and what makes it unique. 


What is Ferulic Acid?

Belonging to a group of chemicals known as hydroxycinnamic acids- Ferulic Acid is a powerful antioxidant found naturally in plants like oats, apples, and oranges. It is highly rich in vitamins A, C, and E, which treat sun damage and dark spots.

Its skin protective properties help neutralize free radical damage caused by pollution, smoking, UV rays, diet, and infrared radiation. It can reduce the appearance of aging and correct hyperpigmentation. Ferulic Acid is your go-to ingredient to improve signs of premature aging like the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for smooth, firm, and bright skin.  

Benefits of Ferulic Acid for Skin

Ferulic Acid for Skin Benefits

Has anti-inflammatory properties

Ferulic acid reduces inflammation. It is a great active to reduce the amount of redness and irritation in the skin while acting as an anti-oxidant!  As an antioxidant, it combats free radicals and may delay the aging procedure at the cellular stage. 

Enhances the skin texture 


Ferulic acid prevents sagging and acts as a defense to safeguard the skin and improves skin tone and health while uplifting it. This makes your skin appear more youthful and younger while improvising its texture! 

Fades and Prevents dark spots 


Ferulic acid shields the skin from sun damage and eases the aftereffects of acne, pimples, and dark patches. It also prevents further breakouts while clearing the previous ones that you already have! 

Protects the skin from harmful UV rays


Ferulic acid protects your skin from sun damage and UV rays. It also reduces photo-aging and after-sunburn effects on the skin! Adding it to your sunscreen or using it before applying sunscreen can maximize the benefits of Ferulic acid’s photoprotection! 

Increases the effectiveness of other skin care products 


Ferulic acid is proven to boost the efficacy of other skin care products and helps them penetrate better like Vitamin C and E! This makes sure the products that you are using can provide you the maximum amount of benefits when coupled with Ferulic Acid!


What does Ferulic acid do to your Lip skin?


Powerful Antioxidant having Anti-inflammatory properties 


Ferulic Acid isn't just a pretty name; when applied topically to lip skin, it helps to protect you from free radicals and shield your skin from sun damage. Incorporating it into your lip care regime can help your lips.

Treats Pigmented, Hyperpigmented, and Smoker’s Lips


Ferulic Acid in your lip care regimen is essential while treating hyperpigmentation. It reduces the size and inflammation of a scar! Smoking not only damages your lungs but your lips too! It makes them pigmented, Moreover, it causes lip wrinkles. Using ferulic acid based lip wash and including it in your regime can help you treat smoker lips

Help in Strengthening the Lip Barrier


It doesn't just offer protection—it can also help strengthen your lipid barrier and prevent trans-epidermal water loss, meaning it helps seal in moisture, so your lips stay plump and hydrated.

Reduces signs of photoaging


It's also unique because it can reduce signs of photoaging. When you're wearing sunscreen—which you should be doing every day—Ferulic Acid can give your skin an extra layer of defense against UV damage.


Protects and Prevents Lip aging- 


From dry, chapped lips to dark spots and fine lines, Ferulic Acid has been proven to help reduce the signs of aging like lip lines and wrinkles and protect against future damage by preventing lip aging! 


Ferulic Acid and Vitamin C 


Vitamin C has been the talk of the town for a decade now, but Vitamin C does not have shelf stability of its own! Ferulic acid helps stabilize vitamin C while boosting its photoprotection. Photoprotection is the ability to minimize the damage caused by the sun.


So it is a great idea to combine Ferulic acid and Vitamin C. Just keep in mind the concentrations of both of the actives! 

Ferulic Acid and PHA Lactobionic Acid 


PHA Lactobionic acid is a gentle exfoliator that helps remove pigmentation and dull, dry & dead skin. It has a bigger molecular size that works well on the skin's surface level which is why it is great for sensitive skin. It also acts as a Humectant to boost hydration.


Using ferulic acid with PHA Lactobionic acid not only helps your skin but your lips too! Since its molecular size is bigger in comparison with AHAs and BHAs it is safe for the lip skin because it does not harm the lip barrier. It removes severe lip pigmentation and fades away spots! 

Ferulic Acid and Hyaluronic Acid


Hyaluronic acid is the key active if your skin requires hydration! It acts as a humectant and on the other hand, Ferulic acid works completely differently! It acts as a protective layer and removes pigmentation. They can be combined even though they have different roles and increase each other’s efficacy!

Ferulic Acid and Retinol


Retinol is a form of Vitamin A. It promotes the renewal of skin cells and collagen production. It targets the signs of aging and also works at combating existing skin damage caused by sun exposure.


Combining Retinol with Ferulic acid boosts the effectiveness of both of the actives. Ferulic acid helps retinol to penetrate much deeper into the skin!


They both together give your skin a healthy and fresh glow! 

Vitamin C Ferulic Acid

Ferulic Acid and Pregnancy:


Pregnancy makes the body and the skin take up a roller coaster ride, some women experience glowing skin while some encounter breakouts and try various skin and lip care remedies- Ferulic acid is not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding because It is powerful and may or may not hamper the development of the child or the health of the expecting mother! Although no specific data is there to claim its toxicity, there isn’t any supporting its safety either! 


Side-effects of ferulic acid:


Although Ferulic Acid is safe and comparatively mild than other actives, people who have sensitive skin might experience redness or rashes in the rarest cases! Also if you are allergic to bran or oats you might as well be allergic to Ferulic Acid! 

Things to Remember while incorporating Ferulic Acid in your Regime-

  • Always apply sunscreen after applying Ferulic Acid. Although ferulic acid protects against UV damage, it is no replacement for sunscreen. Applying ferulic acid before sunscreen can increase its efficacy!
  • Ferulic Acid changes its color when exposed to oxygen. Once the Ferulic Acid is oxidized, it is no longer effective.
  • You must keep the ferulic acid where there is no direct sunlight hitting its container or bottle. This is why most brands make sure the bottle is in dark color to minimize sun exposure.
  • Keep in mind while layering actives which ones go well together and which do not!



Ferulic Acid has been proven to be one of the most effective active ingredients for lip care. It is a powerful skin-lightening active that can help you achieve your lip care goals by reducing tough lip pigmentation and preventing premature aging. It has been proven to boost collagen production and acts as a shield to protect the lipid barrier. In addition, it can also help prevent damage caused by pollution, stress, and UV rays.

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