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Different types of Lips and how to take care of them

by Rashi Bahel Mehra |  | 1 comment

Uniqueness is the essence of nature. Even identical twins have minute differences, and the same goes for our lips! Our Lips are different from one another. They differ in size and shape, and our lip prints are unique and individualistic. In this blog, we’ll get to learn the different types of lip shapes and colors, and what it says about their health! 

Every Lip shape and type is beautiful and stunning on its own and has its individuality! This is just a list to make you familiar with the different kinds of lips. It may be subjective and differ depending on person to person!


Types of Lip Shapes


  • Perfectly proportioned, full lips

    Nobody has perfect lips. A well-balanced top and bottom lip are assumed to be full and proportioned! They look spectacular and every lip shade accentuates their beauty!

    Tip :Every lip color looks great on fully proportioned lips but nudes and lighter lip shades look extraordinarily stunning on well-balanced lips!


  • Top-heavy lips 

    The type of lips where the upper lip is heavier and fuller than the lower lip is most likely to be prominent in Indian women! Top-heavy lips do not have a sharp dip in cupid’s bow!

    Tip: The key is to make both of the lips appear equal and balance out the proportion, you can outline the lower lip and apply lighter lip shade at its middle to create an illusion, and then go on and blend your lip shade accordingly! Wear the lip shade according to the occasion! 


  • Bottom-heavy lips

    If you have a dominating lower lip, then your lips fall into this category. These types of lips have more volume in the lower lip! 

    Tip :The same can be said for balancing the proportion, you can apply a white pencil or lighter shade on the top lip center and then apply your lip shade accordingly! The shade doesn't necessarily need to be lighter!


  • Thin lips

    Little dimension is usually seen in thin lips. They look pleasing! Generally, the volume of both lips is less!

    Tip : If you want to add a voluminous look, you can draw over the lip edges with a lip pencil and apply a lighter shade of lipstick or a clear lip gloss to make it appear plump!

    You can exfoliate mildly with a gentle lip scrub 1-2 times a week to make your lips plump naturally! 


  • Broad lips

    A wide smile, with stretched and broad lips, is another lip type that makes your lips the most prominent feature on your face! The length of these types of lips is generally wider than that of other types!

    Tip : Nude and light shades look beautiful on broad lips! You can outline the lips to create a pout-like appearance!


  • Heart-shaped lips

    If you have a prominent cupid’s bow, the upper lip is kinda edged in the middle. You are likely to have Heart shaped lips! They may or may not have a heavy lower lip! This sort of lip is very adored and desired by a bunch of individuals out there!

    Tip : Go for lip shades according to your tone, every lip shade looks great on heart-shaped lips! You can apply reds, and browns, and go for a full glam!


  • Bow-shaped Lips

    The cupid’s bow is more defined and the upper lip is arched while the lower lip is full and u-shaped!

    Tip : You can go for a gloss or a tinted sun lip SPF to further highlight the lips!


  • Small, round lips

    They have a little width and are round in shape, typically the opposite of wide lips! They look good and cute and subtly enhance the facial features!

    Tip : If you want to make them appear a little bigger, stay away from darker shades and apply a light lip shade or a lip gloss to make them appear fuller!

    Types of Lips

    Different Types of Lip Colour

    Generally, Lip color does not signify lip health and the color change depends on various factors be it genetic or non-genetic.

    The causes of changes in Lip color include:

    1. Heredity 

    Genes play a huge role in determining skin and lip color. They get passed down to us by our parents and one cannot alter the genome structure but can surely take steps to make themselves healthier by eating well and following a proper skin and lip care regime!

    2. Sun Damage

    The UV Rays make lips dark and dry. Our lips get exposed to the sun as much as our face and body parts and it is essential to apply lip sunscreen to guard them against damage!

    3. Hormonal Changes

    Hormonal imbalance causes melanin to increase or decrease in our body. Melanin is the pigment that gives our skin color! PHILADELPHIA- When the cells responsible for pigmentation are exposed to estrogen or progesterone, they result in lightning or darkening! 

    4. Expired and Wrong Products 

    Our lip skin is more delicate than our facial skin, Using products that are meant for the face contains harsh chemicals and might harm our lips. Similarly using defective or expired products is definitely a NO-NO! Expired lipsticks and lip balms have chemicals that have changed their chemical composition after a certain course of time!

    5. Allergies and Diseases

    There are many food items that you might be allergic to, many chemical ingredients that are not suitable for your body and in turn cause reactions like acne, black spots, dark lips, dull skin, etc. Various diseases cause dry and dark lips and certain medications have side effects of the same! 

    6. Improper Diet and Dehydration 

    You are what you eat and fill your body with! If you eat a junk-ridden diet you are likely to have adverse effects on your skin! If your body is dehydrated from the inside, no amount of hydration booster will work effectively if you haven’t drank enough water!

    7. Smoking 

    Smoking turns lips pigmented and dry, nicotine and tar are neither good for your body nor your lips! Cigarette causes lip wrinkles too! If you notice a sudden change in your lip color, chances are it might be because of smoking! 


    Male and Female Lips

    The space between the upper lip and the bottom of the nose is generally shorter in women, and when the mouth is open and relaxed, women tend to show around 2 to 4 mm of their upper teeth while men’s teeth aren’t that visible when their mouth is relaxed.

    Generally, Female Lips are fuller than Male Lips. Feminine lower lips also appear to have a slightly different shape – they are a little more “V” shaped while masculine lower lips have more of a “U” shape. 

    Types of Female Lips

    How to take care of Lips


    Short, Wide, Small, or broad, every lip type needs lip care to make them healthy, pink and naturally glowing! So how can you take the right care of your lips?

  • Follow a Lip Care Regime

    If you take care of anything, it stays healthy! Be it your body or your lips! Start by following a lip care regime. Cleanse your lips with a mild Lip Wash, Exfoliate gently with a lip-friendly scrub that contains antioxidants and active ingredients. 

    Exfoliation is the most important step in a lip care regime. It can help you attain plump lips naturally by removing dead and dry skin. 

    Always ensure to apply lip butter or a butter mask after washing and/or exfoliating your lips to make them hydrated and nourished!

  • Drink Water 

    Drink a generous amount of water and keep yourself hydrated from the inside only then your body will be hydrated from the outside and your lip care regime will work effectively! 

  • Do not Lick or Bite your Lips

    Do not follow any unhealthy lip practices. Licking causes lips to turn dry and in turn, makes them dark. Biting lips doesn’t necessarily remove lip chaps but harms your lip barrier! Try other distracting techniques like chewing gum or practicing therapies! 

  • Use a Lip SPF 

    Protect your lips from sun damage by applying an appropriate Lip sunscreen that contains an SPF of around 30-40 and other active ingredients like Hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C so that your lips do not get dark by UV rays! 

  • Eat a Vitamin and Zinc-Rich Diet 

    Eat a Vitamin and Zinc-rich diet and try to incorporate healthy fruits and juices in your daily food intake so that your lips get healthy from the inside! It provides a solid foundation for your products and eventually heals something You have to reach its roots and food is the most important ingredient to ensure a strong root!

    How to care for your lips


    We know Lips accentuate most of our faces and they are really important in appearance as well as in utility but It makes no such difference in their shape and size. Focus on making lips healthy and happy inside out! Follow a proper regime, eat well, do not lick or bite your lips, and have faith in yourself! 

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