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The ideal Night Time Lip Care Routine

by Rashi Bahel Mehra |

Undoubtedly you would have mastered your skincare routine by now, and we're willing to guess that it varies from morning to night. After all, it has been named night creams and sleeping masks for a reason, don't you think? But, in between your morning antioxidant serums and nightly retinol, you're undoubtedly overlooking one region of your face: YOUR LIPS.

Your lips are probably the most overused but under-treated body area. They are continuously exposed to various environmental elements, including spicy foods, saliva from lip licking, and extremes in weather, like cold and hot. 

Restoring the moisture that your lips may have lost during the day is integral to your night lip care routine. A good lip-care regimen is vital for reducing dryness, cracking, and bleeding. On the other hand, most people only think about lip care when their lips are symptomatic or troubling. Does this describe you? 

Continue reading to learn about a night time regimen that will keep your pout on point all day.

Importance of Night time Lip Care Routine

During the day, your face gets exposed to pollutants, UV radiation, dirt, and grime. Your skin on the lips has the opportunity to repair the damage, renew, and regenerate new cells while you sleep. As a result, before going to bed, make sure you remove any signs of dirt and old makeup.

Your body enters into repair mode while you sleep, and your lips are no exception. To make the most of this crucial period, we frequently treat our skin to an overnight mask or cream, and the same level of self-care should be applied to the sensitive skin on our lips. Because your skin is busy healing, it also tends to lose moisture. Your evening lip product should preserve the lip’s moisture and lock in hydration. You can help the most vital part of your face repair faster and better by following a bedtime lip care routine.

Benefits of Nighttime Lip Care Routine

  • You can layer your items without getting sweaty and sticky during the night.
  • There's no risk of sun rays damaging your skin. This means you can utilize products developed to treat and target your 'core' lip care concerns with confidence. The majority of active substances are safe to use in the evening.
  • Any environmental factors, such as pollution, dirt, and humidity, cannot affect your skin.
  • When you sleep, your skin is busy healing itself and actively generating new cells.
  • Lip products can penetrate properly during the night when you aren't eating or drinking.

Night Lip Care Routine Steps

  1. REMOVE YOUR MAKEUP - Get rid of all your lip products, including gloss and liner. To get the most out of your lip care routine, do this before going to bed every night. Use some micellar water or a mild makeup remover. This is the first and the most essential step in your nighttime lip care routine.
  2. CLEANSE – Cleansing is the foundation of healthy, radiant skin. By cleansing, you eliminate all dirt, pollutants, grime, and makeup, allowing the rest of your routine to work to its full potential. Use a mild cleanser that can maintain the lip's pH level. Avoid using harsh chemical-based face washes as they can disrupt the ph balance, resulting in dry and chapped lips.
  3. EXFOLIATE - When old skin cells pile on the skin's surface, the skin might appear dull. Exfoliation sheds the layer of dead skin cells that clogs the skin and reveals new young cells beneath. You can opt our  lemon lip scrub to eliminate the dirt & grime accumulated on the lips, leaving them soft & supple. Vitamin C enriched lip scrub is perfect for brightening up your lips.  
  4. LIP MASK - Before heading to bed, heal your lips with a mask. It hydrates your lips to the maximum and repairs damage that occurs throughout the day. Apply our Vitamin E enriched Night Lip ButterMask, which contains highly effective actives like Tripeptide and Amazonian Pracaxi seed oil to remove hyperpigmentation and boost collagen.

What time should you do your Night Time Lip Care Routine? 

According to some experts, the optimal time for your evening skincare routine is right before bedtime. However, we recommend that you remove your makeup as soon as you arrive home. After that, properly cleanse your face before moving on to the next step. For products to be fully absorbed into the skin, they must be left on the skin for at least 10-20 minutes.

In this manner, you can ensure a comprehensive nighttime lip care routine and provide your lips with all the nourishment they require.

Difference Between Night time & Daytime Lip Care Routine

Your daytime skincare routine should be centered on skin protection. Whether you're at home or stepping outside, you should apply products that protect your skin from UV radiation, pollution, and grime.

On the other hand, your nighttime skincare regimen is all about restoring damage caused by environmental toxins and stress. It focuses on detoxifying while also providing the nutrients required for cell regeneration.


This whole concept of “beauty sleep” and relaxation has a kernel of truth to it. During the night, when we're sleeping, our skin is busy healing.

Undoing the damage done to your lip during the day is just as important as cleansing and applying lip balms before going out. If you want to wake up with beautifully plumped, moisturized lips, incorporate a nighttime lip-care routine.

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