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How easy is it for you to remove long-lasting lipsticks?

by Rashi Bahel Mehra |

We all love long-lasting, transfer-proof lipsticks for its multiple undeniable reasons, but we cannot deny the fact it is a complete hassle to wipe it off at the end of a long tiring day. Removing waterproof lipstick can be tricky, especially from lip lines and corners.

The Internet is filled with numerous home remedies and alternate face products (makeup remover, moisturiser, oil, eye cream, etc.) But None of those options really work. They just smear the colour around more and leave your lips dried out and irritated.

Here are Three Major reasons why Home Remedy and Makeup Wipes is a Big NO.

Lip skin damage due to Excessive wiping

Constant rubbing of your sensitive lip skin can lead not only to irritation but also to pigmentation and dryness – not to mention that it's just annoying and uncomfortable.

Wiping with a cleanser or rubbing home remedies like coconut oil, warm water, petroleum jelly, baby oil & creams can only remove a superficial layer of lipstick and often at the cost of damaging the sensitive skin on your lips.

Home remedies are not science-backed and do not cleanse lip skin, possibly causing more harm than good.

Wipes do not Cleanse Lip skin

Wipes don't work because they're not made with lip skin in mind. While there are plenty of Makeup wipes available that claim to cleanse, they're just makeup removers or cleansers that don't consider the ultra-sensitive nature of lip skin. 

They're designed with 16 topical layers of a face in mind, whereas lip skin has only 5 topical layers.

Makeup removers and cleansers also contain alcohol and chemical-based surfactants that disrupt the protective layer of lip skin and strip away the moisture that keeps lips healthy and hydrated. The result? Dry, chapped lips.

Even oil-based cleansers are problematic because they break down lipstick particles without actually cleaning your lips. Micro sediments and tints still get stuck in your lip lines and corners, leading to dryness, and an unbalanced pH level in your lip skin. 

Cosmetic induced Pigmentation

Whether you are a cosmetics connoisseur or a casual beauty enthusiast, you probably have your go-to lip colours that you can't live without. 

But do you know your favourite lipstick is causing you dark pigmented lips?

Yes, you heard us right. Our daily-use cosmetics are typically made up of various chemicals. Some of them may react poorly with our skin or cause allergic reactions. It can result in darker or further pigmented lips. On the top of it, Friction due to Scrubbing & rubbing home remedies and wipes can only make it worse.

Introducing World's First Lip Wash - An Effortless way to remove lipstick & clean your Lips.

Lip Wash's thick, silky foam solution smoothly glides over your lips and effortlessly washes off waterproof, long-lasting lipstick. It not only breaks down lipstick sediments to thoroughly cleanse lip skin with organic plant-based surfactants but also preps your lips for further lip products. Lip Wash not only cleanses but also targets lip pigmentation with its Actives Alpha-Arbutin & Ferulic Acid. And copes up lip dryness by providing an extra boost of hydration with PHA Lactobionic Acid.

Lip Wash comes with an Additional tool - Elliptical shaped double-sided 'Lip Brush.' It eases the process of cleansing by reaching difficult lip corners, exfoliates lip skin & increases blood circulation.


Lips are one of the most sensitive parts of your face, and if you are using long-lasting, transfer-proof lipsticks, then it is important to use the right product for its removal. Lip skin is sensitive compared to the rest of your face and tends to dry up quickly. If a makeup remover or cleanser that is not aqua-based is used on lips, it can cause dryness and pigmentation. Whether you go for home remedies or cleansers, nothing provides aqua-based cleansing. Lip wash is the most effective way to cleanse and get fresh & lightened lips.

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