We are India's First Specialised Lip Care Brand.

Lips have a unique skin in our body, and hence it requires special care.

We do an in-depth study of lip's properties and search for the right ingredients to resolve concerns. We source some of the finest ingredients and actives from across the world to create high-quality products.

We use Eco-cert certified ingredients. Our products are plant-based, cruelty-free, vegan, and dermatologically tested. We are a USFDA approved entity.

All our products taste's well. We follow the philosophy that if it doesn't taste well, we won't keep it up on the shelf.


Rashi Mehra has been a beauty enthusiast since childhood. She was always curious, how a small cream inside the jar could enhance the skin. She always loved to study the ingredients and actives that can create an impact and get the desired results.

So, even after working with some of the best brands, like TATA Communications, Samsung, and Lenovo, her childhood passion drove her to leave the corporate world and start experimenting with ingredients to develop her own formulated products.