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Lip Wash™ for women
Lightening & Hydrating Lip Wash + Lip Brush (Women)
Lightening & Hydrating Lip Wash + Lip Brush (Women)
Lightening & Hydrating Lip Wash + Lip Brush (Women)
Lip Wash™ for women
Lightening & Hydrating Lip Wash + Lip Brush (Women)
Lightening & Hydrating Lip Wash + Lip Brush (Women)
Lightening & Hydrating Lip Wash + Lip Brush (Women)
Lightening & Hydrating Lip Wash + Lip Brush (Women)
Lightening & Hydrating Lip Wash + Lip Brush (Women)

Lightening & Hydrating Lip Wash™ + Lip Brush (Women)

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Effectively cleanse your Lips with World’s first Lip Wash, powered with Lab proven Actives 0.5% Alpha Arbutin and 1% PHA Lactobionic Acid. It is specifically formulated to actively Reduce Lip Pigmentation and Boost Intense Hydration.

Repairs UV damage

Plumps lip lines

Improves suppleness & elasticity

Dermatologically-tested with lip safe ingredients.

Helps remove Long Lasting Lipstick

Lip tools:
- In-built Premium Silicone bristles gently remove dirt and pollution grimes from lip lines.
- Dual purpose - Elliptical shaped Lip Brush reaches difficult corners, exfoliates & stimulates blood circulation.



Weight: 30ml + 1N

Dispatches within 72 hours.
Free delivery for prepaid orders above ₹500.
Free delivery for COD orders above ₹900.

Lip Wash Stories

Key Actives

What is Alpha Arbutin?

Arbutin is a naturally occurring chemical found in a variety of plants, including bearberry, mulberry, and pomegranate. Alpha Arbutin is the chemically synthesized version of this plant extract. It is a hydroquinone derivative, which is one of the most effective and safe skin-lightening and spot-fading Active. It is a more stable and effective version of arbutin. It not only treats existing pigmentation but also aids in the prevention of UV-induced pigmentation.

How does it help reduce Pigmentation?

Arbutin reduces pigmentation by stopping any extra melanin production by blocking the production of tyrosinase (an enzyme responsible for melanin production). It works by gently releasing Hydroquinone (skin lightening ingredient) over time, lowering melanin formation in the skin. Melanin production happens in the melanocytes cell where tyrosinase makes tyrosine(amino acid) and converts it into melanin. Alpha arbutin has a similar structure to tyrosine hence disrupting this chain of events by pausing tyrosine activity. This process limits melanin production, thus reducing hyperpigmentation. 

What are the other benefits of Alpha Arbutin?

It is also known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which protect cells against the effects of free radicals and reduce post-inflammatory pigmentation. It is much gentler on the skin since it slowly releases its active component, Hydroquinone, and therefore can be used for sensitive skin.

What is PHA Lactobionic Acid?

PHA is a Polyhydroxy Acid. It is a gentle, water-soluble acid that not only hydrates but also mildly exfoliates your lip skin. It is not just an exfoliator but also functions as a humectant that helps retain skin moisture and boosts cell regeneration. PHA can strengthen your skin's lipid barrier and help protect it from other environmental aggressors. Its mildness makes it an ideal ingredient to be used for sensitive lip skin.It incorporates all the benefits of alpha-hydroxy acids (fruit acids) and does not cause any irritations. This exfoliating agent is rich in antioxidants, so it helps reverse and prevent UV damage. 

How does PHA Works?

The molecular structure of PHA is larger in size; hence they do not penetrate as deeply and are absorbed in a slower rate into the skin.It is the mildest and gentlest acid that works over the skin surface. It gently removes dead skin cells, making skin smooth and soft. Its anti-inflammatory properties and surface-level penetration make it perfect for sensitive lip skin. It is a potent antioxidant that neutralizes the effects of environmental damage, including UV, pollution, premature aging, and inflammation. This Power-Packed humectant effectively hydrates sensitive lip skin. 







Witnessed CLEAN lips

(*Based on 14 days consumer studies on 35 subjects)

How To Use?

Press the pump of Lip Wash  to extract the foam & apply with bristles directly on lips.

Use lip brush in a gentle circular motion to exfoliate additional dead skin to prep your lips. 

Rinse off with water & pat dry. Follow up with ALANNA's Lip ButterMask®.

ALANNA's lip wash is a thick and silky foam solution that gently glides over your lips.

How Does Lip Wash Help Cleanse Your Lips?

Ever wonder why the lips aren't cleansed despite being one of the most prominent, sensitive & most often used parts of your face and being so close to the mouth?

When a thick layer of dirt accumulates on the lips and remains throughout the day, the possibilities of germs and other impurities entering the mouth are significantly increased.

Lip cleansing should be the first step in your lip care regimen since it prepares your lips for better absorption of other lip care products and helps to balance pH levels for clean & fresh lips.

ALANNA’s Lip Wash is a mild yet effective solution with thick & silky foam. It smoothly glides over your lips & gently cleanses the dirt & impurities from the upper layer of your lips with organic surfactants, without irritating or drying them off.

Highly effective multi-functional Active PHA Lactobionic, prevents post-cleaning dryness and retains moisture. It is well known for boosting internal hydration, enhancing elasticity & suppleness of lips.

How Does Lip Wash Help Remove Pigmentation?

Lip pigmentation is a top most concern faced by every woman, due to various wear & tear our lips go through.

Following no or poor lip care routine, is a key factor contributing to sustained lip pigmentation. ALANNA - India’s first specialised Lip Care brand, adds a first step to your lip care routine by creating world’s first Lip Wash and completes your lip pigmentation regimen for effective & visible results. 

Lip Wash incorporates world renowned highly functional Active - Alpha Arbutin which is known to significantly reduce discoloration & pigmentation. It works on treating lip pigmentation, age spots and UV damage by controlling excess melanin production triggered due to excessive sun exposure and smoking.

Multi-functional, non-irritating Active PHA Lactobionic Acid boosts internal hydration and retains moisture even after wash, inhibiting post cleanse pigmentation. It has wound healing capacity that helps improve skin elasticity & suppleness by promoting cellular growth & collagen synthesis. Ultimately preventing pigmentation due to lip licking, biting, weather & age induced dryness. 

Lip Wash is composed of highly active lactobionic acid which prevents lips from getting dry.

How does Lip Wash Help Remove Waterproof, Long Lasting Lipstick?

We all love waterproof, long lasting lipsticks that do not wipe off easily, but then we all get stuck with the same question - how to remove these lipsticks easily? While Makeup cleansers can leave your lips dry & chapped, scrubbing & rubbing other home remedies can only make your lips feel uncomfortable. Lipstick remnants still stay stuck in lip lines & lip corners.

Foaming Lip Wash solution with its thick & silky consistency smoothly glides over your sensitive lip skin. And gently cleanse away waterproof, long-lasting lipstick sediments without irritating your lips. Lip Wash incorporates highly functional multi potent Active - PHA Lactobionic Acid, which is known for its moisture retaining & hydration boosting capabilities. It prevents your lips from drying out after washing.

Lip wash not only comes with silicone bristles on the top of the container that eases lipstick removing process; But it also offers an additional tool - Elliptical shaped Premium Silicon double sided ‘Lip Brush’ that reaches difficult corners of lips, helps exfoliate & increase blood circulation making your lips naturally pink & plump.

How Does It Help With Maintaining Lip Hygiene With Regular Mask Wearing?

Wearing a mask for a long time can create a breeding ground for a host of bacterias, when warm & trapped moisture from your breath and saliva (by lip licking) gets trapped together under the mask. Lips locked behind the mask for a long time can lead to excess/major dryness of lips & sweating can disturb ph level.

Lip Wash takes care of your lip hygiene by gently cleansing skin irritants from your lip skin with its mild yet effective thick, silky foaming solution.

It not only cleanses but also keeps your lips hydrated even after cleansing with non-irritating, multi-functional, potent Active - PHA Lactobionic Acid.

Lip Wash helps maintain lip hygiene despite regular mask wearing.
Lip Scrubbing brush comes complementary with lip wash.

What Is A Lip Brush?

Elliptical shaped double sided Lip Brush eases the process of cleansing by reaching out difficult lip corners & exfoliating lip skin. Lip brush can also be used as an applicator of your favourite lip scrub, making lip scrub a hassle free & easy experience. Rounded bristles of Lip Brush stimulates blood circulation, leaving your lips soft, pink & plump.

Dual purpose - Elliptical shaped double sided lip brush


Thin bristles - Reaches difficult corners of lips & exfoliates

Lip Scrubbing Brush


Rounded bristles - Awakens lip skin by Stimulating blood circulation

Lip Wash Vs Face Wash

Lip Wash

Lip Wash

Lip safe Actives

Plant based certified organic surfactants

Actively reduces lip pigmentation

Boosts internal hydration

Maintain pH levels

Deeply Cleanses sensitive lip skin

Additional lip tool - lip brush

Dermatologically tested

Patent pending formula

Face Wash

Harsh Actives

Harsh chemical based surfactants

Not made for lip pigmentation

Causes dryness

Disrupts pH levels

Not made for lip cleansing

No tool

No certification

No unique formula

Cruelty Free & Vegan

USFDA Approved

Dermatologically tested

Lip Safe

High Performing Actives

Key Ingredients
FAQs About Lip Wash
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