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Wearing a Face Mask for a long time can affect your lip hygiene!

Rashi Bahel Mehra
April 5, 2022

Can wearing face mask for a long time affect your lip hygiene?

With the present pandemic outbreak and fear of virus spread, masks became our shield of protection. The benefits of mask-wearing are undeniable: they help us lower the spread of Covid-19, and make sure that you're doing your part to keep everyone else safe. But wearing a mask for a long time can make your lip hygiene suffer majorly. 

No air circulation - Excessive Dryness

Face masks do not let proper air flow around the face. This is one of the reasons why irritation occurs. Warm air from breath gets trapped under the mask, on lips & around mouth leading to chronic lip dryness & soreness, creating a lip condition called Mask lip. Mask lip is an excessively dry or chapped lip, caused due to mask usage, which occurs when Lips are locked behind the mask for a long time. 

Unhealthy lip conditions - Sweat & Germs

Wearing a mask for a long time can create a breeding ground for a host of bacterias. When warm & trapped moisture from your breath & saliva (by lip licking), contamination from mouth & food, and sweating around lips gets trapped together under the mask - together all this contributes to unhealthy lip conditions & disturbs ph level of lips.

“Colin Furness” - An epidemiologist at the University of Toronto stated"It's really unhealthy to wear a mask for prolonged periods because it collects bacteria and bacteria proliferate, And the warmer and more moist the environment is, the happier the bacteria are to multiply.”

Unhygeinic Lips

We all have been through those scorching summer days or full time mask wearing, when sweat around lips due to the closed moist environment of face mask drops even on our lips, leaving them with an itchy feeling. Eating food & drinking water through the same lips, while dried sweat and germs are still sitting on them. At the end, the only lip cleaning method we use is - just a wipe, rarely a splash of water or nothing at all. And again put on a mask with micro food remnants & contaminated breath trapped in there. 

How does lip Wash help maintain lip hygiene?

Lip Wash takes care of your lip hygiene & gently Rinses away sweat & germ particles from your lips with organic surfactants. With the most gentle, lip safe & effective cleansing surfactant that smoothly glides over your lip skin with mild yet effective thick & silky foaming solution. It not only cleanses but also keeps your lips hydrated even after cleansing with non-irritating, multi-functional Active - PHA Lactobionic Acid & hydration specialist provitamin B5.

It keeps your lips fresh & healthy, eliminating any possibility of germs & dryness. While a face mask protects you from outer germs, lip wash protects your lips from inner germs.


You know this saying “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Well it's true!.So don't wait till your lips are dry chapped and irritated—this will make it even more difficult for you to cleanse properly. Instead, start taking care of your lips now! Cleanse regularly with Lip Wash™ which will help keep your lips soft, supple & healthy.

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