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Is your pigmentation routine complete?

Rashi Bahel Mehra
April 6, 2022

Do you feel exfoliation and moisturising is enough to reduce lip pigmentation?

There's no denying that Lip Pigmentation is the topmost concern many of us face. Lip pigmentation is a result of various factors such as Excessive sun exposure, Excess caffeine intake, regular lip-licking & biting, Smoking, excessive dryness, cosmetic reaction, etc. All of this, combined with a lack of poor Lip care routine, contributes to Lip Pigmentation causing factors.

Following a complete & consistent Lip care routine is the only solution. But before going for consistency, Are you sure your Lip Pigmentation reduction regimen is complete? Here's why it's not, without cleansing!

Incomplete Lip care regimen

Have you tried everything from home remedies to high-end products available in the market and still failed to see results?

It's not you but your incomplete regimen!

Because it's not just a single product that will do the trick, you need to have a proper lip care regimen with specialised products targeting the root of Lip Pigmentation.

Void of first step - Cleansing

While today we have no dearth of products available to Exfoliate, Hydrate & Moisturise Lips, we are missing out on a very basic and crucial step of lip care regimen - Cleansing.

Even if you're not wearing any cosmetics at all, your Lips are still exposed to dirt, food remnants, and germs and bacteria. Caffeine and smoking can stain your Lips and if not cleaned regularly, that build-up can leave your Lips dry and chapped. That makes them more susceptible to licking and biting, ultimately leading to Lip Pigmentation- and it's just a vicious cycle from there.

So the root cause of Pigmentation lies in Unhygienic Lips - whose solution lies in the first step of Cleansing. 

How does Lip Wash™ Cleanse & Target Lip pigmentation?

Lip wash™ fills the void of Lip Cleansing by adding the first step in your regimen. It prevents & protects Lips from the root cause of Pigmentation - lack of cleansing. And specifically targets stubborn Lip Pigmentation through High performing Actives - Alpha-Arbutin & Ferulic Acid. It cures another major factor of Pigmentation - dryness, by boosting extra Lip Hydration with PHA Lactobionic Acid & Hydration Specialist Pro-vitamin B3(D-panthenol) & provides adequate Internal Hydration.

What is a Complete Lip Pigmentation reduction regimen?

Whatever may be the cause, the solution to Lip Pigmentation lies in following a complete regimen that Cleanses, Exfoliates & Hydrates your Lip skin. Clean your lips daily AM, and PM with hydrating & lightening Lip Wash™. Follow it with Day lip ButterMask any number of times in a day to keep Lips plump and pink, and Night Lip ButterMask for overnight repair. Use Elliptical shaped double-sided Lip brush with Beet & berry Lip Scrub to Exfoliate dead and dry Lip skin and Stimulate blood circulation.


There is no quick fix trick that will work wonders immediately on our Lips to remove Pigmentation. It needs a consistent Specialised Lip care routine to reduce Lip Pigmentation effectively. ALANNA is discovering paths to solve each of your lip care problems. Lip Wash™ is the first step! 

ALANNA - India's First Specialised Lip Care Brand