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Ways to Keep Your Lips Hydrated All Day

Rashi Bahel Mehra
April 8, 2021

Ways to keep your lips hydrated

Get Rid Of Dark Lips with Lip Hydration and Nourishment

There’s nothing more annoying than dry, chapped lips. Next in line to having beautiful set of teeth, lips are the major contributor to having that gorgeous smile. Chapped lips are characterized by peeling, bleeding and abrasion of lips.

While lips add a lot to your overall aesthetic appeal, they’re often neglected. After getting your skincare routine in place, between those retinols and morning antioxidant serums, it is important for you to get a lip care routine in order too.

Soft, pink lips look nice, but keeping them hydrated and moisturized would only do the trick. Most people aren’t born with luscious, plump lips and that’s why they need to pay a little extra attention towards their lips too.

Wearing a lip balm should be a part of everyone’s beauty regime irrespective of gender. It is something that everyone should get onboard with because there’s a lot to endure between that heat, dust and cold.

The skin on your lips is extremely thin and sensitive, which makes it more prone to damage. Lips are also one of the most used yet under treated part of the body. To keep that pout on point 24/7, you need to follow a simple lip care routine.

Let’s begin by understanding what actually causes dry, chapped lips.

Why lips get dry? Ways to get hydrated lips.

Have you observed that whenever your lips get dry, the first thing you do is lick them with saliva because of discomfort that dry lips cause? This only leads to more dryness. The chemicals present in your saliva help with breakdown of food and help with digestion. Unfortunately, they also breakdown the skin around your lips. It’s time to stop licking your lips everytime you feel they are dry and apply a lip balm instead!

Lips also get dry because the skin on the lips is virtually naked in comparison with skin layers present throughout your body. They do not have it all easy, literally. Another reason for lips getting dry every now and then is because they do not have oil glands like the rest of the body. Thankfully, it is easier to fix chapped lips than any other part of your body. 

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